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We are in no way, shape, form, or fashion affiliated, associated, or endorsed by the Raider organization. We are a group of fans working in good faith, to open its doors in 2021. In no way do we intend any misuse of any Raiders trademarks, service marks, or copyrights.

Las Vegas most Notorious sports bar

What do you get when you cross the international appeal of Las Vegas, with the absolute amazingness of an undying franchise? The Black Hole Bar and Grill! Where Raider’s ™ fans from far and wide come to gather Before, During, and After the game. Want to experience a super live tailgate any day of the week? Have a hankering for all that is the Raiders™? Need to have some great food and drink surrounded by people who understand your affiliation for the Black and Silver? Well look no more, you are finally home!

Kick Ass Food, Kick Ass Service

We have an undying Commitment to Excellence ™ that is integrated into everything we do. From service to drinks to food to service, all the way down to cleaning the bathrooms our only assignment is to keep you satisfied and coming back for more. We go through great lengths to ensure you receive award-winning food you cannot receive anywhere else, like the Charles Woodson or the John Madden. Our one and only desire is to create a memorable experience you will never forget. When in Vegas do as Vegas does; When in the Black Hole Bar and Grill, we welcome you to the Family.

Raider Nation Home

Finally, the journey of finding a home has ended. Finally, Raider Nation™ can take homage in the desert and find a revitalization of life, starting a new chapter in a new universe.

A place where brethren and sistren in the Silver and Black standing hand in hand, clinking ale and beer, waiting in silence for moments to cheer.

The home every hardcore Raider™ fan could ever dream of. The home, every citizen of Raider Nation™ will be granted new levels of confidence and undying loyalty.

THIS IS… the Black Hole Bar and Grill.


The BLACK HOLE ™ has always been a home away from home for all citizens of Raider Nation™. As fan’s we finally embark on a new journey, where instead of step by step, we build brick by brick our true home.

Raider ™ fans have shared triumphs and endured embarrassment but have always remained loyal and still bleed Silver and Black till the day we die. A new page in Raider Nation™ history is turning and we can all be part of it’s lure. Long gone are the days of being vagrants between Los Angeles and Oakland. We have shuffled through California for far too long. Awaiting a home we can plant our feet in the dirt and Just Win Baby!™ Along for the journey and the rebuild of champions, we soon will not be in the darkness or hiding away in the shadows but will be shining brightly in the spotlight and part of every household’s vocabulary. For they all will know the Black Hole Bar and Grill.

As the Raider’s™ transplant from Oakland, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, so too will the Black Hole™ forever be remembered and transcribed in the memories or each and every fan of the Raiders™.



This will be the place where memories are shared from patrons across this Nation’s great divide and even across the savage seas. A notorious place where notorious fans will come and unite in one chant and cheer for the victory of their squad to annihilate the enemy. Where Raider™ fans from far and wide gather before, during, and after the game to unite in the fondness of brotherhood and unity in the midst of destruction.

The destination to receive kick ass service, with kick-ass food, followed up with kick-ass drinks and divine desserts are finally here. All while being able to catch a great game with a like-minded rough, rugged, and rowdy; yet family-friendly crowd.


We share the same Commitment to Excellence™ as our base is accustomed too. So our intention is to always share a Win with a fellow brother or sister in silver and black.